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QHSE Services

GAP Analysis

Gap analysis identifies the deficiencies/ inconsistencies in the existing systems that are required to be addressed in order to achieve conformance to given standards. This reveals areas that can be improved. This is also a quick way to kick start and know your needs and get a brief understanding of current processes and work methods. As part of our QHSE consulting, we offer a one day turn-around GAP Analysis package for local (Houston & around) businesses for only $1000. This includes on site visit, compilations of findings in a pdf report format and a complimentary session of about an hour providing overview of GAP analysis. A brief presentation explaining basics of standards and its benefits will be provided upon request at no charge. If retained for other packages, cost of this package will be credited towards those.

Design of Quality Health Safety & Environment Management Systems (QHSE-MS):

Management Systems are set of business processes that are designed to satisfy QHSE requirements per subject standards and to enhance customer satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve conformance with minimal disruption in ongoing business. In order to achieve this, results from GAP Analysis and our study of existing processes and systems serves as our basis to design new Quality Management System, Health and Safety Management System or Environmental Management Systems, Safety Management System for ISM code, MLC 2006 compliance conforming to respective standards. Some of the major steps that are included in this are:

In our more than two decades of experience, we have seen a complicated and hard to use QHSE-MS is as good as not having a Management System at all. Our consultants are known for designing systems that are user-friendly, simple and yet effective.

Implement QHSE-MS

Designing a Management System such as Quality Management System or Health & Safety Management System is half work done. Implementing it in a daily routine of the business is the remaining half. We provide 3 implementation packages:

(Basic) We train responsible key personnel in using the new quality system and schedule a kick-off date to implement the system throughout the organization.

(Gold) In addition to basic package, follow ups are scheduled during implementation (number of visits depending on the size of the project) to make sure the system is working effectively.  We assist key personnel in performing effective management reviews, as required by standards.  Internal audit will be performed about a month before certification.  This also serves as a rehearsal certification audit within the company that helps make employees aware of how the actual audit may look like.  This also provides sufficient time to ensure effective implementation of corrective action, which may be required as a result of internal audit. Finally, we assist in completion of certification process.

(Platinum) In addition to Gold package, we offer maintenance service contracted for a period of one year.  This can be extended every year.  Maintenance services include adjustments to the QHSE-MS resulting from any changes in the existing processes.  This may occur in situations such as change in product specifications or launch of new product or change in organizational structure or anything that affects current processes in place.

Integrate several standards into ONE Management System

We consider integration of different standards into an effective single management system as our expertise.  Different organizations adopt different standards to suit their needs.  To be efficient and effective, it is best to integrate, design and implement ONE management system that satisfies requirements of all standards adopted.  In past, we have helped our clients integrate not only QHSE standards, but also ASME, API and ISM standards with QHSE to come up with a single management system.  It saves time, efforts and money by eliminating redundant tasks that are common to all standards and ensures effective implementation.

Upgrade to ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is expected to release by end of year 2015.  We are keeping ourselves closely updated on upcoming draft versions and will be ready to assist our clients with the upgrade, as soon as it is released.  To know what to expect in ISO 9001:2015 Revision upgrade please, click here.

Present status:

FDIS has already been circulated for final review and comments. The finalized version of the Standard is scheduled to be released in September 2015.

Important features of ISO 9001 2015 version over 2008 version.

Role of Conformance Management LLC. (CML) to help clients in following ways :