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About Us


Environmental Management Systems

Conformance management is founded by a group of competent consultants with varied qualifications and rich experience in various industries, with a view of creating Center of Excellence for Management Consultancy.  We engage the best of our skills towards creating a practical management system in the field of Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Management Systems (QHSE) that makes certification easy and upon effective implementation, produces tangible profits to our customers.

HSE Management System

With over two decades of QHSE consulting & HSE Management System experience, we have developed a simple 4 step framework that has helped hundreds of business, both large and small, utilize their resources effectively, reduce waste, get rid of redundant processes and improve efficiency.  Some of our clients have seen increase in profits of more than 9%  within an year of adopting and implementing the system created by us.

This is one of the reasons our consultants are often called upon from the certifying bodies like DNV, ABS and IRCA themselves to perform audits and design QMS for their clients.


Our Purpose

To Provide Simple Yet Effective Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems (HSE Management system) That Produce Tangible Benefits For Our Customers.

Our Vision

Become A Reliable Center of Excellence Providing Sustainable QHSE Solutions To Our Customers.

 Our Values

-        To Build Trust And Confidence By Providing Highly Professional Services

-        To Provide Comprehensive Solutions Through Effective Teamwork

-        Ensure Commitment To Latest Changes In Standards And Regulations